Tried running the setup.exe for MS$ Office Enterprise 2007, M$ OneNote
2003, M$ SharePoint Designer 2007, M$ OneNote 2007, M$ Office 2003 Pro.
M$ Project 2003.

Both return the following error message:
"<path>\setup.exe is not a valid Win32 application."

It behaves the same way whether I use the UNC path or mapped drive.

If I copy the files locally and run it from there it works fine.

I seem to remember having this problem with the CTP release in Jan/Feb,
but I guess it still exists in the public beta, though it is not listed
as known issue in the ReadMe at

Anyone else see this problem? So far it seems like setup.exe files
created by Microsoft. The following setup.exe files do not have this

Lotus Notes Client v6.5.4 (InstallShield installer)
Lotus Notes Client v7.0.2 (InstallShield installer)
Lotus Sametime Connect Client v7.5.1 (InstallShield installer)
Symantec Antivirus CE v10.2.276.0 Vista 32-bit (InstallShield installer)