Server: Netware 6.5 sp6 (+ post sp6 patches)
Clients: Win XP Pro sp2, NW Client 4.91 sp2 (+ post patches)
ZFD 7.0.1

We are currently working on two issues: optimizing login performance and
troubleshooting a name resolution issue.

For simplicity sake, here our the resources in question:

Any advice on the following questions would be great:

1) We have a clean install PC setup and working fine.
To server1 - NDS - C NDS Resolve Name -> Server2
From Server1 - NDS - R (-601) No Such Entry
To server1 - NDS - C NDS Resolve Name -> Server2.Users
From Server1 - NDS - R (-601) No Such Entry

I believe the address is then resolved via SLP. Is this something I
should be worried about and if so, any ideas on how to proceed.

2) After login there are a series of NCP packets looking for drv and dll
files in either the home directory of the user who logged in, or the
public directory of the server. These files do not exist, and all
reqests are returned with "no matching files or directories were found".

The files include: wdmaud.drv, wshen.dll, rsaenh.dll, dnsapi.dll,
nwsrvloc.dll, rasahlp.dll, zennw32.dll, sndvol32.exe

I can lookup the function of each of these files, but I don't understand
why it is searching for them in the home folder and/or public (public is
a search drive, however, home/<username> is not).

Some of these include numerous repeated searches (wdmaud.drv), so I am
sure I could improve our login times by eliminating these searches.

Thanks for any help you can provide.