Download the AutoIt v3 scripting language installer from

Create a simple AutoIt script. Here is a simple example.

MsgBox ( 0, 'Novell Client for Vista Beta Test!', 'Compile AutoIt v3
script on Novell share!' )

I told the compiler to create the .exe file on a local drive. WHen I do
this, it creates the .exe and when I run it it creates a popup window as
it should.

I then told the compiler to compile the .exe onto a UNC path on a Novell
server. When I attempted to run the .exe file from the UNC path, it
caused Vista to popup with the following error message:

"NTVDM.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop
working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a
solution is available."

If I copy the compiled .exe from my local machine to the UNC path and
then run it from the UNC path, I notice two things:
1.) The file sizes are different (the one on the server is always smaller)
2.) The local version copied to the server works!

The newer AutoIt v3 compiler uses ResHacker, which I suspect may be part
of the problem.

This has never been an issue with Windows XP and Client32.