Local Windows username is the same as the Novell username, but the
passwords are different. In this scenario, when Windows boots and you
login successfully to the Novell network, the GINA (MSGINA? NWGINA?)
sees that there is a local account with the same username as the Novell
username, but the passwords are different, and then you are prompted
with the Windows login. Everyone should know what I am talking about here.

This second login screen prompts you to specify the Windows password,
and you also have the opyion to check off a box which says something
like "Change your Windows password to match you Novell password upon
successful Windows login".

What I need to know is this: is there an API, registry, something, I can
use to make sure that the checkbox is checked off automatically, should
they ever see this Windows login? I can go into greater detail why this
is if anyone wants, but this is what I am looking for.