Im testing out NW6.5 SP6 server with eDir 8.8.1 and Client 4.91 SP4

Im trying to sett up "Forgotten password" to work with Novell Client. I
got this to work "By accident?" on another server. After som upgrade it
suddely start to work. I dont remember how i did sett up "forgotten

So now im trying from scratch!
I do not have IDM or DirXML installed on server. Only eDir8.8.1
On the server that this work, it also doesnt have IDM as i can see, s
this meen that Forgotten password must work without IDM.

S what i did was to install al latest upgrades/patches like eDir
8.8.1-patch. Then i installed SS-204 and the latest Password-plugin for
Then i defined "Challenger Response" and then Password-Policy. But when i
was about to Apply Password-Policy i got some strange and cryptic
error-msg. I read that some Schema is not upgraded if IDM is not
installed, so i manual upgraded schema found in NMAS in SS-204. Now i
could edit password-policy without error.

But if i try to login as a user that have this password-policy assign, i
only get en "Internal error: 0xFFFFC14F" from Novell Client. If i click
"Did you forget your passord?" then i only get the same error but also:
"Unable to login usin Challenge Response".

Can someone confirm that Forgotten password can be used without IDM?
Can someone explain how to mage this work?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway
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