NetWare 6 SP6. Windows XP SP2. Novell client 4.81 SP3. ZENworks agent
7.01. I am not able to see the tree at login. I can enter the IP
address of the server in the Tree and Server fields, and I am able to
login. Once logged in, I can ping the server by name. I can browse to
the tree in network neighborhood, but I still cannot find the tree in
the client. I have configured SLP. I have added the server name and IP
to the host file. I have tried both DHCP and static for the DA
settings. I have tried with and without the Windows firewall.

I'm not sure if this is a client problem or an eDirectory problem. I
performed a hardware migration about a month ago. From the workstation
I was using, I could find the temp tree of the new server, but not the
tree of the old server. Once the migration was complete, I could no
longer find the tree on the new server.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.