I am pretty new to the Novell Community, so forgive me if I am asking dumb
question. Anyways, I work in a community college. the setup we have here
is one tree per campus. Each campus’s prefer server and prefer tree
are set to its tree and server. When a user log into their respective
campus(tree) via novell, everything works great. However, if an user from
campus A log into campus B’s machine. He/she will get tree or server
not found message.

We do have treeless login setup. As matter of fact, when user type in
his/her username and press tab, the treeless login kicked in and did find
the tree and context that user belong to. However, after he/she typed in
the password and press enter, the tree or server not found message pop up.

After playing around and reading some novell doc (document 3873561) and
online searching. I think it is because there is no ncp connection
establish to that campus. Because if I put in the actual ip address of the
tree in the tree field, the user can log in and I can see the connection
get establish after the tab is pressed.

We are using 4.91 SP3 client. (I verified that 4.91 SP4 client has the
same behavior)
Anybody having the same problem? Does anybody know how to resolve this?

Thanks for reading.