I have a problem with the Vista Beta 3 client installed on a Vista Ultimate

I am connecting to a NW 6.5 server. There are a few different issues with
the client and/or Vista. First is that is doesn't seem to honour my search
drives. All the drives map correctly in terms of drive letters, but my Z
drive which is mapped to the PUBLIC directory on the sys volume does not map
as a search drive. I.E. I cannot click on the start button/run... and type
in the name of an execuatable file and have it launch. Vista gives me an
error saying it cannot find the file. This mapping works correctly on
2000/XP. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the client or Vista. Here is
the map command that is run from the server. Any help would be great.

map ins S1:=servername\sys:public

My second problem is that after our drives have mapped we run batch files
from our login script. We have a common one for 2000/XP, but because of
folder structures we cannot use the same batch file on Vista. Currently I
am using the "platform" variable in the script to differentiate between 98
and 2000/XP, however Vista claims to be "WINNT" like 2000/XP. So I need a
new variable for it so I can indentify Vista PCs on their own. I've tried
'winver' and 'os_version'. Vista doesn't reconize the variable.

Here is my current variable command in the login script.

if platform = "WINNT" then

I need someway to identify Vista in statement like this so my scipt doesn't
think it's 2000/XP and run the wrong batch file.