My knowledge of Novell is extremely limited so my apologies in advance!

I have recently taken over the IT Support of a Novell 5.1 Server network
with XP clients. The server support is supposed in the interim to be
continued by the current provider who set the server up originally.

Unfortunately the current provider is providing very spasmodic support and
does not respond to queries in a timely manner.

The XP clients all connect fine.

There is a new laptop running Vista Business Edition. The Novell login
client is the Build 20070125.

The install of the client was fine however when you click on the Tree
button to select the tree, context and server etc there are not entries.
Manually entering the information also does not work and after a dealy of
a minute of so returns a "tree could not be found" message.

I have disabled the Nortons Internet Security and Vista firewalls to no
avail. There dont seem to be any logs in the Vista event viewer that
indicate any problems.

Can anyone help me with this?