I have a Netware 6.5 sp5 network with about 100 users. Clients are all various flavors of Windows: 98, 2000, & XP. Remote clients are connected via site to site vpn with a Cisco appliance on this end and Netgear appliances on the remote ends. The vpn connections work well, client/serverIP apps run quite well over the vpn links and experience little if any downtime. But the same cannot be said for the different versions of the Netware client. Generally when a remote user first starts their machine they can launch the Netware Login and the connection is established quickly, less than fifteen seconds, and that includes about seven mapped drive letters. Then, after a while of use or non use, the client will just lose the connection to the network. The first indication is that the mapped drive letters will become unavailable. If the user continually retries to browse the mapped drive it sometimes will reconnect automatically and sometimes not. Occasionally the user can just re-login and that will get the mapped drives back but most often it requires a complete reboot of the workstation in order to successfully login back into the network. While this is going on, the client/server IP apps still function correctly with no problems. If the user opens the Novell Connections window it will show that he's connected to the tree and server yet he can't browse any mapped drives.

This has been a problem for a long time and we've tried a variety of things to solve the problem. We mostly thought it had to do with the vpn connection itself. We've spent thousands of dollars replacing Bordermanger with the hardware devices and it has made a big difference. At least now the client/server IP apps can run but the Netware Client problem is getting quite annoying. Can anyone suggest a place to begin looking to solve this.