Since we are still using ZENworks 3.2 SP3 and are using Client32 4.91 SP2
on Windows 2000 and Windows XP (fully-patched), we tried to upgrade
Client32 to SP3. The SP3 upgrade caused an error with some file
associated with ZEN:
After applying the Novell Client32 version 4.91 SP3 on about 4 or so
workstations, I noticed an error occurring after a person logs in:
WMRUNDLL.EXE - Application Error
"The instruction at "0x10009c13" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The
memory could'nt be "read".

I have found only a couple of references on Novell's site that are dated
back around 2004 or earlier, which are not the same version references.

Initially, the last version of the Novell Client32 which carried
ZENworks information was 4.9. ZEN information being included in the
Novell Client32 was discontinued after that.

We are using ZENworks version 3.2 SP3 (haven't been supported for quite
awhile, yes, I know).

The issue is that we were using Novell Client32 4.91 SP2 with
post-patches and there were no issues. Applying SP3 OR SP4 causes the

Additionally, uninstalling the client, re-installing back to our working
environment did not have problems (Client32 4.91 SP2 w/post-patches).
After applying SP3 OR SP4 to that we get the problem.

Any assistance with this would be great.

Thank you.