Searching this group I just found one other posting without
reply telling about problems to use web update from an
IIS server.


Well, I have the same trouble. At one site the web install + update
for the NWClient using setupip.exe works fine, *IF* the client setup files are
installed on an Apache2 on NW656 (sys:apache2/htdocs/nwclient/<version-dir>/),
but setupip.exe fails, when the same folder structure is copied to an IIS 5.0

The difference between the IIS and the NW65-apache is, that the NW65-apache
*DOES* correctly answer the HTTP GET requests regardless the addressing (IP /
DNS). The ISS 5.0 *ONLY* responds correctly, when the DNS name is used in IE6/7.
Wireshark traces of both webservers do only show the IP address, not the DNS name
in the initial few packets until the IIS sends an 404 object not found as an
answer for the
HTTP GET /nwclient/<version-dir>/setupnw.exe
(the path relative to www-root I used is /nwclient/cl4914incl/setupnw.exe)

In writeIP.INI the DNS name is given for the location of the client files.

I'm wondering, if SetupIP.exe is using *ONLY* the IP address for it's requests,
and if that might be the cause, that the IIS 5.0 cannot serve the client files?

This IIS shall be used to distribute a customized client setup for all users
worldwide, as it's a public web server. The NW65-Apache is not connected to the
"real" internet ;-)

Same result with or without proxy server, the PC running SetupIP.exe is sitting
behind NAT (BM3.8.5)

Thanks for any suggestion.

Regards, Rudi.