I'm building a virtual environment to be used as a quasi-thin-client system in one of our computer labs. I found
some instructions from a few years back that said to change the registry to point to msgina.dll instead of
nwgina.dll, as well as make a few changes to the novell client options in the registry. This works fine for me - I
can log in with a windows workstation-only password and call loginw32.exe in the startup folder to allow students
to get mapped drives without creating profiles on this virtual machine. The only caveat I'd like to fix is this:
after putting in the windows password, I get some sort of splash screen for the Novell Client. It doesn't do
anything, and there aren't any buttons or input boxes. It just comes up on the screen, stays a few seconds, then
disappears, and the login then continues normally. Is there any way to remove that splash screen? For what it's
worth, I'm using Novell Client 4.91 SP3 on Windows XP SP2.