So I just finished installing a Windows server this morning, hooked it
into our AD network, and now I'm trying to hook it into our novell
network as well. All seems fine and very much dandy, the client logs
in without complaint and all that.

But it seems it refuses -- and I mean absolutely refuses -- to find the
SLP info from the local DA. Discovery just fails, and setting it in
the client properties just doesn't work either. It's like my DA is
just bluntly refusing to speak to this server. Like it's offended or
something (Granted, it IS a windows server, so I can understand why my
other servers don't like it).

I initially noticed the problem when I went to install eDirectory on
the system, mainly to serve as a simple read replica. I noticed that
while NDS iMonitor was finding the server, no replicas were getting
created on it. Some more digging turned up the malfunctioning SLP
setup. So I'm a bit at a loss to know what's going on. I know my SLP
configuration is kosher, because my older windows server finds it
without a problem everytime, so can the rest of my servers comprising
the novell-side of things.

The Windows firewall on this system is disabled, so I know that's not
the case either. Thus, I come here to seek advice on what
furry-banana-eating wrench has taken up resident in the cogs of my

Thoughts, anyone? any kinda command output ya'll wanna see?