We have been having some issues with being unable to change a Windows XP
password. We are running IDM for syncing between A/D and eDirirectory. We
have updated the NMAS on the file server with the Security Services patch
version 2.0.4 and we have been experiencing the same issues where we are
unable to get the password to change(server is NW 6.5 sp6). When the user
tries to do so after the system informs them that they only have 5 grace
logins left they receive the following error when we were using the 4.90
sp2 client. "Login-LGNWNT32.DLL-710 the password could not be changed
error FFFFFec1". When we tried to update to the Novell client 4.91 sp3 the
only difference in the message was the end were it gave the following
number,"FFFFFA78". Would anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing
this issue or where else that we can check? When have tried to disable the
NMAS on the client side as well. Thank you