having the exact same issue that was posted here back in may:


setup freeradius on oeslinuxsp2, ran the updates, got that all working,
can authenticate to radius via ntradping utility.

trying to configure a windows xpsp2 box to authenticate to the wireless
lan via 802.1x. It logs into the wlan if you log in "workstation
only". I can see freeradius authenticate the user. But I can't get
the workstation to log into netware from the gina. "802.1x found no
connections to authenticate", or sometimes, a different error ""802.1x
Authentication failed. Timeout waiting for authentication to finish.
Logging in to workstation only."

If I try a manual login from the red N, with 802.1x enabled, it bombs,
("802.1x authentication failed"), most times disconnecting me from the
wlan, as well. (the same thing it authenticated me to just a couple of
minutes earlier). I have to disable 802.1x and log in that way....
so its still a 2-step process, which doesn't give me anything I didn't
have before.

I installed the recommended MS patches, am using windoze supplicant,
set it to use "supplicant mode 3" in the registry. I installed the
radius server's certs on the windoze box. using the latest wireless
lan card driver...

I've tried changing the settings on the wlan (cisco 2000 series), but
nothing seems to make any difference. Its set to use WPA, tkip, talks
to the radius server ok...


about the only thing I can see that the new client is doing right is
that it changed the "authentication" to "novell MSCHAP-V2"...which
seems to remove the workstation name from the login id that was being
sent to the radius server.
still, the behavior is random...sometimes, the wlan hooks right up, and
other times, I have to connect it manually, even though it is set to
automatically connect.

any help appreciated.