We have a two node Netware cluster environment using 6.5.5 The Cluster is functioning fine and has not been a source of problem. Originally, we had a clustered volume \\MainServer which hosted volumes APPS and DATA.

Recently, we added another clustered volume, \\WORDDOCS which hosts the volume WordDocs. This process went flawlessly, users were able to login and map drives without a problem. A week or two later, we added a third clustered volume, \\USERS hosting Users.

Day one, it seemed to go well but, for some reason after that we started to get errors off of our Scripts? The Clients are are 4.91 sp3 with post SP3 patches; we even upgraded some to SP4 -- no effect? Most often we get a 8884, a few times we've gotten 886f as well?

Here's some extra info:

Server hosting all clustered volumes Resources (
MainServer (
WordDocs (
Users (
Stations are able to ping all servers
DNS names are being resolved
Symantec firewall was given explicit rule to allow and -- no effect
Symantec firewall has been disabled -- no effect
Happens both on Windows XP SP2(no firewall) and Windows 2000 SP4
Mapping fails during initial login; if you re-login using Novell Login, drives map just fine?
Rights is not an issue as when the mapping works, or done manually, rights are correct!
Example of a mapping: \\\users\users
[server] Bad Name Cache List has been disabled on most systems still no effect?