I have run into a problem on three different servers with the new Vista

All servers are Netware 6.5 with the latest service packs and being
accessed with the new Windows Vista client 1.0

When the client accesses a Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 .pst file
located on the network we get a Blue Screen error pointing to the file

Here is how the problem is repeated.

You get the BSOD error when you exit outlook if you have tried to download
messages from a POP3 server during the session. If you only access the
file or just send out via a SMTP account you do not get the Blue Screen.

I have repeated this on three different servers using four client machines
with three different .pst files. All the servers are in different
origanazations, so there is nothing in common about their installation

Attitionally, if we access the .pst file using the "native file access"
and do not log in through the client we do not get this problem. I can be
in and out of Outlook without a single crash. As soon as I login to the
server through the client I get the BSOD.