I am going to be installing a Dell/EMC SAN for our 2-node NW 6.5
cluster, and will need to move the 6 or so existing cluster pools to the
new SAN. I'm looking for the best way to do this. I asked in the
storage group, and it was suggested that the Server Consolidation
Utility could be used. I am asking the cluster group now also since
this is actually cluster related.

I am looking for any and all help/tips/etc. to help me get this done. I
could use detailed info., as this type of migration is new for me.
Should I use SCU? Portlock Storage Manager? Something else? Do I need
to create new cluster resources and pools, copy the data over to these
new resources, then rename and re-assign IPs and set up load/unload
scripts? What about the SBD?

Please help!