Not sure if this belongs in this forum or in Storage - but as it involves
Novell Cluster I thought I'd start here.

I am about to replace our embedded HP/Compaq SAN Switch 2/8 installed in our
MSA1000 with an HP SAN Switch 2/16V (external device). The original setup
connected together all the SAN pieces necessary for our Novell Cluster
(NW6.5 SP2 at the moment - headed for SP3 shortly). MSA1000 has two MSA30s
connected (SCSI Single Bus Devices). Box 1 has 14 each 146 GB drives, all
allocated to/for NetWare. Box 2 has 14 each 146 GB drives, currently
uncommitted/unallocated but probably headed for Linux and/or Windows storage
and Box 3 has no drives in it at the moment (purchased for possible major
project expansion within next 12 months). The original 2/8 switch also
connects the e1200-160 FC/SCSI tape "router" in our MSL5026SL tape library
(software is Syncsort Backup Express with Novell servers functional as SAN
Device Servers and Linux as Master Server, also plugged into the switch).

I have used SSP in the array controller to establish LUN masking - no
problem. Now I think I must consider zoning as well. I have read as much as
I can find on this subject, including the HP support forums, and thought I
had just about figured it out - until my colleague asked me *WHY* I had to
complicate things with this one (zoning)? Suddenly, I'm drawing a blank....
(BTW, I really *do* think I need zoning.)

Anyone out here care to educate an old man? (Remember - old men like

Thanks all.