So the cluster 1.7 docs (actually it's the "cluster services for NW
6.5" doc) state that if you're doing a rolling cluster upgrade from NW
6.0 (NCS 1.6) to OES NetWare/NW 6.5 (NCS 1.7) that when you do the LAST

All the resources are offlined (lovely)

MM does a disk upgrade on ONE server, and then the others are done

Then the resources are brought back Online.

My question is:

How long does the disk upgrade take? Which disk is it upgrading? The
SBD? The disk for each clustered resource?

Given that our entire network will be down for this (gotta explain to
management why a 24x7 cluster has to all go down at the same time),
management wants to know how long "everything" will be down for.