We have a NetWare Cluster environment with 2 Novell 6.5 servers. Somehow,
when it was first configured a virtual server was never created. From the
Novell documentations, Virtual server is created on the process of creating
the Pool. The whole fail over clustering is not functioning currently.

On my TEST cluster environment, I do have all configured properly and
failover works perfect and volumes mount to stand by node nicely when
master node fails.

Is there a way to create the Virtual Server after creating the Pool? If I
recreate the Pool than, I would be able to create my virtual server but I
assume that I'd lose my data on the volume that resides in this pool. Id
like to create my Virtual server for mapping drives and hoping that I could
configure this cluster up properly without losing data. Is there a way I
can do this, or Id have to uninstall clustering services and re-create the
whole environment from scratch (Partition/pool/volume).

I'm NEW to Novell Clustering and hope my question makes sense.