We have more then one postoffice/domain running on our cluster (NCS 1.6) and
are going to run TSAFS.nlm with BackupExpress

My question is (I found this on TID 10095203 in the note on the bottom)
"When loading GroupWise in protected memory it is necessary to load a
separate instance of the Gwenn4.nlm to address space 0 for the TSAFS to work
properly. When using cluster resources you can add a Gwenn4.nlm load
statement to the Resource load script. When on a non cluster server add a
load statement for Gwenn4.nlm to the autoexec.ncf. "

What do they mean by Address Space 0? is that the "OS" address space, or
do you need a new one called "0"? or could I call it anything eles?