Does anyone know what this means specifically, "The rolling upgrade
process allows both Netware 6 and Netware 6.5 cluster servers to coexist
in the same cluster"? I have read this from page 21 of the OES NCS 1.8
Admin guide.

The reason why I ask is that we were sold two NCS 1.6 licenses a couple
of years ago when a past consultation company tried to implement a 2-node
cluster. So we in fact could have implemented a 4-node cluster knowing
what we know now about the free 2-node license included in NW 6.0. We
are buying two new servers which will run NW 6.5 on them and want to set
them up for NCS. So can we use the free NW 6.5 2-node cluster licenses
and one of the NCS 1.6 licenses we have already purchased to set up a 3
node cluster?