Hopefully someone will answer with a little bit of familiarity about
clustering tomcat, maybe Tim

Environment: NW65SP4 imanager 2.5, eguide 2.12/

I have eGuide running off of a cluster resource, running local to the
cluster with all these files modified to reflect the cluster volume
name and ip.


I even changed the server.xml file and told it to use ajp13 port =9012
and address = cluster resource ip

if imanager is NOT loaded on the server's ip - eguide runs only off of
the clustered volume's ip. (not the server ip)

my problem is that when eguide tries to load while imanager is loaded
com.novell.application... is verified and you can see it listening on
cluster ip:9012.
But then when almost loaded I see:

standardserver.await: create[8005] java.net.socketexception:
operation already in progress.

stopping service tomcate-standalone
java: class org.apache.catalina.startup.bootstrap exited with
status 1

my thinking maybe is that if I edited the imanager server.xml and
worksers.properties file and told it to listen on the server's ip
instead of (all ips) that this might not unload eguide...

Anyone with thoughts please..

thanks, Joe