Anyone out there using NW 6.5/NCS 1.7 with IBM's SAN Volume Controller
(SVC)? We have had an IBM SAN (ESS F20) for over 3 years and it has been
working fine with NCS. We have since installed an IBM DS8100 storage
server for additional capacity. We also installed the IBM SAN Volume
Controller which is based on a 2 node Linux cluster for fault tolerance.
SVC "virtualizes" SAN volume space so it all appears to come from a single
device even if there are multiple storage servers on the back end.

The problem we are having is if we set up zoning so our NCS servers "see"
both nodes of the SVC, it sees them as two separate devices and each LUN
(or VDISK as they are called by SVC) appears twice as a device in NSSMU.
This happens whether or not we use IBM's SDD (Subsystem Device Driver).
Our Windoze servers do not have the multiple LUN problem with SVC(using
the SDD driver).

Unless you happen to be familiar with IBM SANs, this is just a bunch of
jibberish. However, I'm hoping someone out there may have NCS and IBM SVC
working together and figured out a way around the problem we are seeing.
We also our IBM tech guy on it, bit no solution yet.