I'm slightly confused about how to migrate our 4 node cluster from
NetWare6 SP4 to Netware 6.5 SP3.

I've read TID 10094313 which proposes a rolling update. LIke this I
will have two nodes which leave the cluster, perform an inplace
upgrade, then down the other two nodes, start the new 6.5 nodes which
will overtake the ressources.

This procedure will result in downtime (not very long I hope) when all
4 nodes are down. What irritates me more is, when the new 6.5 nodes
cannot overtake the ressources properly, am I able to just restart the
untouched nodes? Or would the try to start the ressources with the new
NCS 1.7 sort of spoil the ressources for NCS 1.6?

Why not try a migration as outlined by A. Taubman in an older topic:
just issue "cluster leave" on one node, upgrade to 6.5, reinstall all
the patches (i just do hope I do not forget some), rejoin the cluster?

B. Kuhlmann