I've got 2 OES linux (was OES initial release, upgraded to SP1 with
red-carpet) cluster connected to an IBM multipath SAN with NSS volumes
on the SAN.

when loading resources, some of the time, not always, and not always on
the same resource, the resource goes online, but the nss volume doesn't
the pool loads fine, but the exit_on_error ncpcon mount HOMEP=254
sometimes results into
Executing " mount HOMEP=254" The following Volume[s] were mounted: No
volumes were mounted. ... completed OK

this begins to be irritating, cause the cluster resources thinks it is
ok, but actually, it fails
also, create the volume with ncpcon create volume will fail, cause the
folder/volume is not present....

I've noted that on some volumes, it only do that on 1 node, and on some
other, on both nodes (this one is >1TB...)