I'm moving the cluster from an old IBM SAN to a new IBM SAN. I cannot
figure out how to move the SBD partition (Cluster Services Partition) to
the new SAN. I read some TIDs on how to delete it and re-create, but
nothing on how to move/copy it to the new SAN. The TIDs I've read are
10067598, 10082213, 10083621, and 10098813.

My hardware setup is as follows:
3 IBM xSeries server with QL2200 card to access the old SAN and QL2300 to
access the new SAN
I have all the Cluster resources copied and working on the new SAN. Just
need to get the SBD partition onto it.
Netware 6.0 SP5
NCS 1.6
NW6NSS5c Patch
newest NCP.NLM update

Please advise


Chris Solverson