I have a two node cluster that I upgraded from NW65sp2 to NW65sp4. After
the upgrade the cluster does not keep the master ip address with the
primary node after failover. If I reset server on the primary node the
secondary or active node will then pick it up. The load and unload scripts
have not changed. Netstorage only works on the primary node now and ifolder
no longer works at all. I am also seeing unusually high (I think) open
files. On the primary node cedc1_1 >3000, cedc1_home_server > 3000, cedc1-2
>500 with both nodes up and the primary being cedc1_1. All drop to >500

when I migrate to the secondary node. I also see a drop in cpu utilization
when I migrate to the secondary node (cedc1_2).

The two nodes are HP Proliant ml350 attached to a HP MSA1000 SAN. All
hardware and firmware are up to date.