Hi, Running NW 6.5.4 with 7-node Cluster.

We recently created a new clustered volume and want to migrate data from a
stand-alone server to that new clustered volume. In C1, Explorer, etc., we
can see folders we created on that clustered volume.

However, in Server Consolidation Utility (from the 6.5.4 ISO), when we
attempt to expand that clustered volume, we see nothing. (The plus changes
to a minus and that's it.) All other clustered volumes are showing their
sub folders with no problems whatsoever.

I suspect we missed something when we created the clustered volume, but not
sure what. One interesting note, when comparing this clustered volume to
other clustered volumes, we noticed that Root was assigned a trustee to all
clustered volumes EXCEPT the problematic one. I assigned Root as a trustee
to that volume and the rights similar to other clustered volumes. No effect.

Any ideas? Thanks,