We have Novell Open Enterprise server (Novell Netware 6.5 SP4) and cluster
services 1.7
We have installed pervasive sql V9 with SP1

We have several problems with btrieve cluster (Active/passive configuration)
1. Sometimes system console stops after command bstart.ncf. Command
bstop.ncf does not successfully unload btrieve.nlm because it is used on
other programs required by netware OS.
2. We also have to make a manual intervention on the server console.
Message: NWMKDE is beeing
unloaded with active database files open. Any NLM application that has files
open may receive errors.
Are you sure (y/n). How we can avoid this message or how is it possible to
the result automatically "Y"?
3. Sometimes during apply-ing configuration changes for pervasive SQL server

Does somebody know how it is possible to make active/active configuration
for btrieve cluster ?

Any other ideas and documents ?
Roman Lenarsic