Just a quick question. I plan to have multiple POA's to be distributed
among a three node cluster. One POA is 500+ users, two others are 250+
users, and a few much smaller POA's. I will probably consolidate the
smaller POA's together. So here's my cluster question: Should I create
multiple LUN's for each POA, or a single LUN for multiple POA's for
performance reasons? I assume that busy POA's are considered High I/O
luns, so would it be best to have different high I/O luns on different
Raid Groups? I don't want my current unclustered distributed POA system
on 8 servers now to be faster than my new 3 node clustered GroupWise

2nd question: Is a 3 node cluster adequate for 1000 GroupWise users over
four post offices with 2 post offices on 2 nodes of the cluster and the
remaining node in the cluster running the MTA, Webaccess, and GWIA? (The
Webaccess web server component will be running on a separate Windows
Server). Is this a reasonable GroupWise Cluster design?