We've had NDPS running on on a cluster for a while

Now we want to get iprint running in a cluster...

when you goto the http://ndps_clustervol_ip/ipp up comes the iprint web
page but it lists iPrint printers on Cluster_Server_1. When we migrate
the cluster volume to another server, it comes up listing iprint
printers on _Cluster_server_2 We wanted it to list on the clusterVolIp
(I would hope)

Also although all the drivers are in the resdir in the ndps folder on
the clustered volume

I noticed that the ipp folder on the servers seem to get modified when
you create new printers in iManager. This is the ndps\ipp on the
servers sys volume instead of the clustered ndps volume

Changed the ipp.conf file to listen on the clustered volumes ip

I guess I am missing something but I can seem to pinpoint it.

thanks, Joe