Hi all,

Setting up 1st cluster (2 node for now), will be iSCSI, with cluster nodes
being HP ProLiant ML350 G3 and G4 servers running NetWare 6.5 SP4. Looking
to cluster GroupWise agents, iPrint, and just have high availability for
home directories, shared directories, etc for 200 users. I'm looking for
some sage advice from others who've gone down this road. I'll only be able
to choose the hardware for this once, so I want to get it right (or as right
as possible, given the budget). I'm looking at an IBM TotalStorage DS300
with dual controllers for the shared storage. The price is certainly good
for what you get, IMO. My question is:

Has anyone purchased this array, and how's your experience with it been? Do
the controllers work well as an iSCSI target in a NetWare environment?

Also, I'm looking at QLogic QLA4010C HBAs to use for the initiators.
Problem is, I've looked quite extensively, and can't find anything to
suggest this hardware is supported with NetWare. My questions are:

1) Do these cards work with NetWare?
2) If not, does anyone have any recommendations for alternatives?
3) Are the hardware HBA's even necessary, or would I be OK to just use
standard Gigabit Ethernet adapters with the Novell software initiator?

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide.