Up until this past week, I had a test cluster in a test tree for
learning 1.81 clustering on OES NetWare 6.5 SP4. I then installed a
production cluster in my existing tree using OES NetWare 6.5 SP4a. The
difference in the test cluster and the production cluster is that the
test cluster contained replica's on at least one of the cluster nodes,
and maybe all three. The Production Cluster has no replica's. Another
difference is that the Production cluster has only the Tomcat admin and
Apache Admin services running on each node, and not the Apache or Tomcat
Web services. Also, the cluster nodes don't have iManager installed,
like was on the test cluster. All but one of my other non-cluster nodes
in my production tree are not running the Tomcat admin or apache admin,
or the web servers. One Production OES NW 6.5 SP4a is running the web
server and Virtual Office and contains R/W replica's of all paritions and
has iManager installed. My other OES NW 6.5 SP4 server holding all
Master Replica's of all partitions does not have Tomcat or Apache admin
or web server running. I have configured the email notification in the
Cluster Config settings just the same way I had it set in my Test
cluster, but no email notfications from Cluster states come through. The
Cluster nodes themselves do notify about server health just fine through
the NRM Server Health Email notification settings. Anybody have any
idea's why NRM Server Health notification works but Cluster State
notification doesn't? I have made sure that all my cluster nodes,
including the Cluster Master Node IP address, are allowed in my GWIA for
allowed SMTP relays. I'm stumped.