I have three servers and all have two NICS in them. The PUBLIC NIC on
the media server is a 10/100 and the PRIVATE NICS are Gbit cards on all
three servers. Server #1 is the BKUPEXEC Media server and Servers #2 and
#3 are running NCS 1.8. as a 2-node cluster with direct attached SCSI
storage. The PUBLIC LAN on #2 and #3 utilizes a shared cluster resource
volume made available via a secondary IP address. Does anyone know how
to utilize the Remote Agent for NW from Veritas BkupExec 9.2 software to
allow a backup to occur on the PRIVATE NICS on servers #1, #2, and #3
when it is utilized during a failover? The PUBLIC LAN is setup for user
drives, network file storage, and cluster resources. The PRIVATE LAN is
where we want the backup jobs to run over. Both the Media server (#1)
and the cluster nodes RANW (#2 and #3) have the Veritas 9.2 BkupExec
software installed.