I have a 2 node cluster running on 2 OES Linux servers. After the initial install of OES, the cluster worked great. I then installed SP1 and all applicable patches and updates on the first node and everything looked good, all resouces go online. I do the same on the second node, and everything goes smoothly, NCS loads fine. When I go to migrate the resources to the second node they go comatose. I try to stop and restart NCS using /etc/init.d/novell-ncs stop and /etc/init.d/novell-ncs start. When I try to start NCS, it tries to join, but comes back and says that it not a member of the cluster. This also happens on the node that will mount the cluster resources. Other than seeing the resources going comatose, I get no error messages. The cluster event log in iManager just tells me the same thing that I am seeing on the console. If this were a NetWare server I could look at the logger and find out what is going on, where do I find this information in the Linux version? I have looked in the /var/logs folder but can't find anything helpful. I haven't been able to find anything in the knowledge base regarding this. Any help would be appreciated.


Jeff Blomendahl
University of Kansas Medical Center