Would either of you be available to discuss this a bit further? I am
willing to call you on the phone if possible and also offer more than a
thank you if we could finalize a couple of cluster volume resource
availability and backup issues. The servers are up, cluster functioning,
the NW Consolidation Utility worked great over the 2nd Gig NIC but now I
think my three cluster resources need to be put on the Gig subnet and
offered to the clients on the primary NIC. Routing is enabled on the
server between the two NICS.



The basic answer is "routing". You can route between any two Lans
(subnets) of course, and the fact one holds a cluster doesn't change
this. If there are more than one NIC in a cluster server then it can be
the router, but that introduces a single point of failure into the
cluster. A purpose-built router would be preferable. Note this router
will have to accept gratuitous ARPs.

Note that any PC you want to administer this cluster with should be on
the same Lan the cluster is.