Hi all,

I'm having a bit of trouble getting a new Linux-only cluster installed.
Here are the main symptoms:

1. At the end of cluster configuration, yast2 reports "Failed to
configure Novell Cluster Services (NCS):60" I had used the device
mapper name for the SBD partition (/dev/mapper/sbd), instead of the raw
SCSI device name. (If it makes any difference, the SBD is on an EMC
AX100i iSCSI disk array.) This was easily fixed by using 'sbdutil -c'.
Now 'sbdutil -f' and 'sbdutil -v' show seemingly correct output whereas
they didn't previously.

Because it gave that failure message, i reran the NCS setup in yast2.
It warned me about it being already configured, but i did it again
anyway. This resulted in the same error message, but with an error code
of 50 instead of 60. I found i could actually see the cluster objects
in NDS, so i canceled it after this.

2. iManager doesn't work. When i log in as a collection owner, the
front screen says "Some of the roles and tasks are not available." When
i show details it says:

Cluster Manager Clusters Plug-in is not installed.
Cluster Event Log Clusters Plug-in is not installed.
Cluster Options Clusters Plug-in is not installed.

Yet when i go into the iManager configuration and select installed
modules, it shows up:

Cluster Services Cluster Services Management Plugin

3. Command line access to the cluster commands doesn't work.

'cluster join' reports:
Now a member of
This node is not a member of a cluster

'cluster info' reports:
This node is not a member of a cluster

'cluster status' reports:
Use of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at
/opt/novell/ncs/bin/ClusterCliSnapinInterface.pm line 332 (#1)
(And two paragraphs of perl diagnostics that relate to this error.)

Any clues? This is only on the first node of the cluster. I'm just
installing the 2nd node and will see how we go after this.