Paul Gear wrote:
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> I'm having a bit of trouble getting a new Linux-only cluster
> installed. Here are the main symptoms:
> 1. At the end of cluster configuration, yast2 reports "Failed to
> configure Novell Cluster Services (NCS):60"
> ...
> Now 'sbdutil -f' and 'sbdutil -v' show seemingly correct output
> whereas they didn't previously.
> ...
> 2. iManager doesn't work. When i log in as a collection owner, the
> front screen says "Some of the roles and tasks are not available."
> When i show details it says:
> Cluster Manager Clusters Plug-in is not installed.
> Cluster Event Log Clusters Plug-in is not installed.
> Cluster Options Clusters Plug-in is not installed.
> Yet when i go into the iManager configuration and select installed
> modules, it shows up:
> Cluster Services Cluster Services Management Plugin
> 3. Command line access to the cluster commands doesn't work.
> ...
> Any clues? This is only on the first node of the cluster. I'm just
> installing the 2nd node and will see how we go after this.

Hi all,

A quick update: after installation of the 2nd node, the cluster startup
succeeded, and cluster commands now work. However, iManager still
doesn't work, so i can't actually *do* anything with the cluster. I
managed to make an NSS pool via nssmu and get it to register in the
output of 'cluster status', but it doesn't mount the file system when i
migrate the resource, so there's nothing much to be done for it until i
can get iManager doing clustering properly. Is there any log file where
i can check on the plugin installation to find out what went wrong?