I am assuming that the Pools are on shared storage already?

If that is the case, I would deactivate the pool, and then use NSSMU
to set the "shareable for clustering" flag.

I would strongly suggest taking a safe copy of the pool/volume using
portlock storage manager first.

On Thu, 01 Dec 2005 01:43:54 GMT, vze1xxfl@verizon.net wrote:

>I have several nns pool/volume on a nw65sp3 server that I will be cluster
>enable them. (adding this stand alone serve to my existing cluster). The
>disks where these pools currently reside on (1 disk per pool) are not
>marked shareable for clustering. These pools/volumes are in a production
>environment. I knew that I have to mark the disk/device as shareable for
>clustering before cluster enable them using Console1. However, I want to
>make sure that notthing will happen to the data (ie corrupt) when I click
>In the past, I normally cluster enable the pool/volume as I create them
>from the start so there is no data to begin with. this is the first time
>I will have to do this so just want to make sure it's ok to mark the
>disks/devices for existing pool/volume with data as shareable for
>clustering. Thanks in advance for any tips/warnings.