Hi all.

We have a two-node cluster with NDPS succesfully clustered. Now I would
like to add apache for iPrint to that configuration and I can't find any
documentation how to cluster apache for iPrint. (note that clustering
apache is not a problem, we already have that, but clustering apache
with iPrint is).

Since apache for iPrint cannot run in protected address space will the
following work:

1. comment out ap2webup.ncf in nodes (iManager/netstorage/whatever in
nodes won't work after this, but that is not a problem for us).

2. copy all components for iprint apache/tomcat in cluster volume

3. edit httpd.conf for apache to listen cluster/NDPSM IP.

4. after noticing that httpd.conf isn't working like it should be go to
stage 3.

5. make cluster startup script so that apache for iPrint starts from

Unfortunately I don't have test-environment for cluster, so I can't
test, and doing something like this in work environment just for testing
isn't very smart.

Timo Pietilš