We have a NetWare 6.5 Cluster running SP3 currently. Shared storage is a
EMC Clarion CX500. Because of a lower bandwidth connection we are using
MirrorView/A (Asynchronous) to mirror the data to the DR site. This
cluster is comprised of some very large Pools/Volumes. The largest being
a 4.5 Terabyte Pool/ Volume. The Pool is spanned across 6 LUNS. I have
inherited this configuration and would have liked to have tired to
maintain a 1:1:1:1 relationship however that is not the case. I am not
sure with a Pool this size if that would be a desired config anyway.
This is 6:1:1:1 relationship. Some of the other Pools also share LUNS
for example a LUN may have 2 or more Pools that exist on it.
My question is if we sever the connection and bring up these pools in
the DR site are there any potential issues? Also does anyone else have a
similar config that is working and could potentially shed light on what
we can expect?
Thanks Mike

Thanks Mike