I am not sure if I should post this here or in the OES storage forum but
I'll try here first. I am hooking up two OES linux boxes which will be
clustered to an Equallogic iscsi san. I edited the /etc/iscsi.conf and
added the DiscoveryAddress line. Both servers now see the shared storage.
I am able to use nssmu to create my shared pools, and virtual servers.
The problem I am having is the volumes won't fail over properly. As I was
troubleshooting this I noticed that my /dev/disk/by-id shows two entries
for each logical device, each one has an additional entry with a P1 on the
end. I guess my question is if this is normal,and why does this happen? I
want to get this resolved and know if it is correct before I continue
working on the failover issue.

Any help is appreciated.