I have a strange situation. I have updated 4 of my 6 cluster servers to OES for NetWare using the OESSP1/NW65SP4a overlay CD. After the upgrade, In the products.dat file, two of the servers showed NWCS 1.8 and the other two showed NWCS 1.7.2 (this is the same version it was before the upgrade).

Also, the PKIS version on all the servers before the upgrade was 2.7.8. After the upgrade, the PKIS version was 2.7.6.

Even though I should have gotten all the latest files (versions) using the overlay CD, the version inconsistencies made me feel uneasy so I installed the SP4a/OESSP1 support pack. Installing the support pack upgraded the PKIS on all the servers to version 2.7.8.

This is the really weird part. One of the two servers that showed NWCS 1.8 is now back at 1.7.2. So now I'm left with 3 servers at NWCS 1.7.2 and 1 server at NWCS 1.8.

As far as I can tell, all the clustering related nlms on all the servers are the same.

Anybody got any ideas? What should I do about the inconsistencies in the products.dat files?

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