I have a mixed NW 6.5 (2 Nodes) OES/SLES (1Node) cluster by one of our
All Nodes use the same SAN Fibre Channel Storage. I´ve create one 50 GB
shared storage partition (NSS) on the storage. Migration between all nodes
working fine.

I´ve now configured LUM und enable a user to use it. I look at
"media/nss/volx" - all data can be accessed by the LUM enabled User (NSS
rights given in eDir).
I configure the User Linux Profile to use the "/media/nss/volx" as home
drive (basis).Even I press the OK button to use the new configuration, the
SLES OES server are extremly slow and when the LUM Usr wants to login a
message from KDE appear that it can´t be use the $HOME Drive.

What can be done to use the nss volume as a home drive?

Any ideas?
Thank you!