I have a mixed NW 6.5 (2 Nodes) OES/SLES (1Node) cluster by one of our
All Nodes use the same SAN Fibre Channel Storage. Ive create one 50 GB
shared storage partition (NSS) on the storage. Migration between all nodes
working fine.

Ive now configured LUM und enable a user to use it. I look at
"media/nss/volx" - all data can be accessed by the LUM enabled User (NSS
rights given in eDir).
I configure the User Linux Profile to use the "/media/nss/volx" as home
drive (basis).Even I press the OK button to use the new configuration, the
SLES OES server are extremly slow and when the LUM Usr wants to login a
message from KDE appear that it cant be use the $HOME Drive.

What can be done to use the nss volume as a home drive?

Any ideas?
Thank you!