We have a 7 node NW 6.5/NCS 1.7 cluster. Each server (Dell 2650) has dual
NICs, each NIC attached to a separate Cisco 6513 switch (on the same VLAN,
of course). All this redundancy sounds great except for one problem: if
either switch crashes (as one did a few days ago) or is rebooted,
heartbeat fails on some of the nodes and they start failing over.

We are currently using Novell's built in LB/FT support. This works fine
if both NICs are plugged into the same switch, but appears to not be the
ideal setup when using redundant switches. Since the Dell 2650 uses the
Broadcom chip set (B57.LAN driver), should we switch to Broadcom's teaming
driver (BASP.LAN)? This creates a virtual NIC with a single MAC address.
We considered using this is the past but I've been hearing mixed reviews
on it's stability.

Anyone using BASP.LAN with good results? Do you think this will solve the
undesired node fail over problems we now have if one of our switches goes