Hi all

Really need your help on this one...

I have been running a 2 node cluster for a couple of years now. We are now
upgrading our present HP MA8000 Disk enclosure to a new EVA8000 SAN.

When changing the shared storage from one piece of hardware to another, but
still using the same servers, without recreating the Cluster, how do you do

I planned on just installing the new HBA in my servers, so that I would have
one HBA connected to the old SAN and one connected to the new SAN. I would
the copy my data with the server consolidation utility from novell. But
where does that leave my SBD partition??? That would still be located on the
old SAN

Normaly you would have the SBD on the first first disk one your shared
media, but that is because it is created before we start creating out NSS

I need to create all my pools on the new disksystem first, because I need to
copy data from the old system to the new one. Do i just leave some free
space on one disk for the SBD or something else?????

I also thourgt about creating a small disk, only to serve as the SBD
partition, is that a solution?

When do I need to move the SBD to the new SAN? should I do that when I do
the final migration and shutdown the old SAN or is it safe to complete that
task earlier???

Any help very appriciated!!