Not having received a workable response in an earlier thread, I'm reposting
with more information.

We have a clustered GroupWise system, MTA (primary domain), POA (the only one),
and WebAccess Agent running on one virtual server (Email_VS). We also have a
MTA (secondary domain), GWIA and the WebAccess application running on a
non-clustered server.

It works fine when the linkage is set for the physical server volumes, but does
not work when we try to change it either to the clustered volume or IP address.

When we try the clustered volume method we get "cannot connect" errors and when
we try IP we get link or transport down. The linkage between the two MTA's is
set for IP and works fine. We have tried to rebuilding both the domain and
post office after making the changes, but still no success. One other item I
noticed, the hold directory (shown in the details on the MTA) show the physical
server for all three agents.

What did I miss?